Making decisions about a funeral in advance is a gift of love and peace of mind for your loved ones. Pre-arranging allows you to make your wishes known and removes that burden from family. By funding a pre-arrangement, the cost of many items will be frozen when the contract is signed. A contract with an irrevocable waiver protects funds for final expenses should Medicaid Assistance in a nursing home become necessary. Also, pre-arrangement enables the funeral home to proceed with arrangements even if the survivors do not reside near the decedent.

There are three steps in completing a prearranged funeral:

Place information only on file

During the prearrangement meeting, basic biographical information is recorded. This information will be needed in order to complete an obituary, death certificate and other necessary paperwork. Special requests about the service and visitation can also be recorded. This information is kept on file at the funeral home and can be updated as necessary.

Select Merchandise

After recording the information, the casket, vault, urn or other merchandise are selected. These choices are added to the file.


Pre-funding the funeral is a choice many people make to further ease a possible financial burden on surviving family members. It allows you to arrange a specific kind of service based on current costs. It will assure adequate dollars to pay for guaranteed items. There are two ways to prepay a funeral: prepay by funeral trust or by funeral insurance.

Advance planning with a funeral director is available by appointment. There is never a cost for discussing funeral arrangements.