Planning a funeral can be a difficult task. We are here to help make this process as easy as possible and to give you the information needed to develop a personalized service that reflects the wishes of the family and celebrates the life of the deceased.

There are many options to consider.

Funeral Services

Traditional Service: the most common service chosen would include visitation, faith service, and graveside committal service.

Cremation Service: An alternative to the traditional service, this option may include visitation and viewing with a funeral service, or a visitation with a memorial service.

Graveside Service: A funeral service conducted at the cemetery, it may include visitation.

Non-Traditional: A completely personalized service developed by family.

Other Services

Personalized prayer cards, memorial folders, register books

Casket, vault selection

Urn, keepsake selection

Submitting obituary information

Filing legal paperwork such as Social Security forms, Death Certificates, Report of Final Dispositions, Insurance Policies, etc.

Receiving services for remains when death occurs at a distance

Forwarding services for the remains to other communities

Anatomical donation information