Q: What is embalming?
A: Embalming is a process that preserves and sanitizes a body. It delays decomposition and allows more time prior to burial or cremation for viewing and services. Embalming also helps restore a more natural appearance to the deceased in cases where a person has undergone a traumatic death or a prolonged illness.

Q: Is embalming required?
A: It is required by our funeral home if there is to be a public visitation. If the deceased is to be directly buried, cremated or viewed only briefly and immediately by close family, then embalming is not necessary or required. Refrigeration can be used until burial or cremation takes place.

Q: What is a burial grave liner/vault and are they required?
A: Most cemeteries require a concrete liner or grave box. This is an enclosure into which the casketed remains are placed. They help to maintain the integrity of the grave space and prevent the grave from “settling.” The enclosure is referred to as a vault if it is built to prevent air and water from entering.

Q: Can I make funeral arrangements ahead of time without pre-funding?
A: Yes, you can simply record your funeral requests and we will keep them on file. These requests are strictly confidential. You will not be charged for making these arrangements.

Q: What information will I need when making arrangements?
A: Following is a list of some of the information that will be needed to complete necessary paperwork: Full Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Social Security Number, Marital Status, Marriage Date, Spouse Name, Fathers Name, Mother Maiden Name, Education Level, Place of Service and Interment.